This is indeed the new official site for The March Violets. We have been around for a long time but this site is mainly about what we are up to right now, for we are very definitely back. Reborn, phoenixlike, but with inevitable references to the past. For those of you who knew us before, welcome back old friend, pull up a chair, let’s catch up. And to those newly discovering the purple pleasures we put out, Greetings and very glad to meet you. So here you will find various things, stuff for sale, stuff for free, some pictures and videos and other bits and bobs. First thing you might like is a Limited First Edition of our very first proper album. We only have a few available and as the gleamingly obvious saying goes ~ when they are gone they are gone. Secondly, we have a little tour coming up. We don’t get out much (as you can probably tell) so if you can make it to a gig we would love to see you. It’s the Made Glorious Tour 2013 Anyway, glad you made it... hopefully you will enjoy both the light and shade we attempt to provide, and we can become lovers.                                                    XXXX Official Violets Stuff HOME NEWS LIVE STUFF ARCHIVES CONTACT MORE STUFF